“The power under the constitution will always be in the people. It is entrusted for certain defined purposes, and for a certain limited period, to representatives of their own choosing; and whenever it is executed contrary to their interest, or not agreeable to their wishes, their servants can and undoubtedly will, be recalled.”

~ George Washington (1787)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's only fair

After all, the State Supreme Court is particular about adhering to the letter of the Constitution, so Senator Baumgartner's proposal is quite reasonable:
...the Court just ruled, in the two-thirds-for-taxes case, League of Education Voters v. Gregoire, that the two-thirds requirement was unconstitutional in light of the plain constitutional language. And it recently ruled in the school-funding case, McCleary v. State, that the Legislature should focus on its constitutionally mandated duties. Therefore, the bill says, let’s repeal the 1909 law and shrink the Court back to five justices to save money for education.
Contact your legislators, and urge them to support this bill.