“The power under the constitution will always be in the people. It is entrusted for certain defined purposes, and for a certain limited period, to representatives of their own choosing; and whenever it is executed contrary to their interest, or not agreeable to their wishes, their servants can and undoubtedly will, be recalled.”

~ George Washington (1787)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

From American Thinker.....

.....two thought provoking articles:
Obama: The Affirmative Action President

The Era of Confronting Obama at Public Events

'Nuff Said

From Theo Spark:
"25 years ago we had Ronald Reagan, Johnny Cash, & Bob Hope. Now we have Obama, no cash, & no hope."

From 1948, a massive Déjà vu

This cartoon seemed far-fetched In 1948.  Not any more.

Change in monthly meetings

Beginning in September, we will meet the second Tuesday of the month, 6:30 pm at the Walla Walla Regional Airport Conference Room.

This means our next meeting is Tuesday, September 13th. No topic has been announced as yet; keep an eye on "Events" for updates.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Allen West’s Strange, One-Word Response To Being Called Out For Ties To Islamophobes.

Click to see the letter!

President Obama Wants To Kill The Poor

From the "Ace of Spades" blog:
Good for the goose, right?

If the Left and their mouthpieces in the press are allowed to run ads and "news" stories portraying the Right pushing Granny off a cliff, then we need to be willing to muck it up with them.
 Do read the whole thing.  It's full of snark, but in a good way.

The "New Civility", Part 197

Rep. Maxine Waters: 'The tea party can go straight to hell'

You're welcome, Congresswoman Waters.

A Reply From City Hall

A while ago, I posted a link for contacting the Walla Walla City Council.  I used it to complain about the City's attempt to exempt themselves from the same rules the rest of us have to live with.

And, Lo!, I received a very nice reply:
Thank you Mr Stidham for your views.  I totally agree with you.  As you may know, I voted against the proposal and I do plan to vote against the Ordinance when it is presented.  As you have said, it is the process that needs changing and to do that, we will have to change the State's administrative rules for communities that are under the Growth Management Act, as are we.

    -Jim Barrow, Mayor pro tem
      City of Walla Walla
So it works.  Do make use of it.  Including supporting the right people, and not just complaining (although there's a lot of that which needs doing).

We should pay more attention to past generations


Thank you, Lieutenant Nathaniel Grigsby, 10th Indiana Cavalry, for your service, and for your message.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Facebook Apologizes

Facebook Apologizes for Deleting Arizona Governor's Post
Facebook issued an apology Saturday for deleting a post by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer that criticized President Obama over his administration's new policy on prioritizing deportations of illegal immigrants.

Brewer's picture and a statement that accompanied it were removed Friday from Facebook, apparently because they "violated Facebook community standards."

"The post was removed in error," Andrew Noyes, Manager of Public Policy Communications at Facebook said in a statement. "We apologize for any inconvenience."

Ray Stevens Never Misses A Beat.....

Obama's Budget Plan, as applied to everyday Americans.....

Hiatus Explained

My apologies for the dearth of posts; between work and an injury, my posting here (and on Facebook) has been light.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

S&P elaborates on US down grade

From Fox News
Beers said he faults both Congress and the Obama administration for "the difficulty of all sides in finding a consensus around fiscal policy choices," but any agreement must command the support from both political parties in order to be durable.
Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., chairman of the House Budget Committee, said he's not surprised by S&P's decision since even with the select committee's recommendations, the debt will continue to climb.

Ryan added that he's willing to discuss tax reforms in a way that would promote economic growth and job creation, including addressing "special interest-driven loopholes," but qualified any reforms by adding, "if you're just raising revenues to chase ever high spending, that's not good policy."
Are you listening, Obama?  Congress?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Am I Uncivil?"

This is a blog post by Froma Harrop, "...syndicated columnist and head of the National Conference of Editorial Writers, a group that has a project called Restoring Civility as a featured part of its website. Her twice-weekly column appears in more than 200 newspapers, and she also blogs at RealClearPolitics. According to Media Matters for America, Harrop had the 14th largest circulation and ranked 20th in total reach in 2008."

I found through Hot Air, a conservative news blog, in a post by Ed Morrissey. He does an excellent job of discussing the linked post, but the key point is this:

Froma Harrop was skewered by James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal after she was decidedly uncivil in an article about the TEA Party efforts towards the recent deficit vote.

(So much for "Restoring Civility", huh?)

She responded with a post on her web site that said, in part:
"I see incivility as not letting other people speak their piece. It’s not about offering strong opinions. If someone’s opinion is fact-based, then it is permissible in civil discourse. Of course, there are matters of delicacy, and I dispensed with all sweet talk in this particular column. And I did stoop to some ad hominem remarks, I’ll admit."
Her post garnered 39 comments, every one of them "...castigating her hypocrisy and self-serving shifting definitions of civility." At which point, Harrop closed the post for comments, and deleted all of the comments. When you click the above link, you won't see any of them.

Happily, Ed Morrissey was able to save the original post and comments to his web site here.

I've read those comments, and they sound civil to me. Aside from embarrassing Froma Harrop, there was no reason for her delete the comments. Read them for yourself, and see if you agree.

Me, I say, there's no such thing as "civility" from the left.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pelosi's Battle Plan

Stung by the debt-deal loss, the minority leader plans to get Democrats back on their jobs message and hammer Tea Party lawmakers as extremists who want to destroy government.
By Eleanor Clift.  And, to use another military metaphor, knowing your opposition is half the battle.

Monday, August 1, 2011

And maybe the Hobbits didn't win.

It's beginning to sound like a Pyrrhic victory:
The bill to increase the federal debt limit that has been put before Congress today would increase that limit by up to $2.4 trillion, which would be the largest increase in the debt limit in U.S. history by a margin of half a trillion dollars, according to records published by the Government Accountability Office and the Congressional Research Service.


The debt deal is a "sugar-coated Satan sandwich"!

The Hobbits won.

From the Walla Street Journal:
The big picture is that the deal is a victory for the cause of smaller government, arguably the biggest since welfare reform in 1996. Most bipartisan budget deals trade tax increases that are immediate for spending cuts that turn out to be fictional. This one includes no immediate tax increases, despite President Obama's demand as recently as last Monday. The immediate spending cuts are real, if smaller than we'd prefer, and the longer-term cuts could be real if Republicans hold Congress and continue to enforce the deal's spending caps.

The framework (we haven't seen all the details) calls for an initial step of some $900 billion in domestic discretionary cuts over 10 years from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) baseline puffed up by recent spending. If the cuts hold, this would go some way to erasing the fiscal damage from the Obama-Nancy Pelosi stimulus. This is no small achievement considering that Republicans control neither the Senate nor the White House, and it underscores how much the GOP victory in November has reshaped the U.S. fiscal debate.

No wonder liberals are howling. They have come to believe in the upward spending ratchet, under which all spending increases are permanent. Not any more.
Read the whole thing.

Making Progress

First, the TEA Party were chumps and yokels. Then we were hobbits. Next, extremists.

Now? Now we are "terrorists".

This is the lefts' "New Civility". Me, I say it's a sign of the TEA Party being effective.