“The power under the constitution will always be in the people. It is entrusted for certain defined purposes, and for a certain limited period, to representatives of their own choosing; and whenever it is executed contrary to their interest, or not agreeable to their wishes, their servants can and undoubtedly will, be recalled.”

~ George Washington (1787)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Enjoy the holiday!

There will be no posts until after the Labor Day weekend.


Not a single mention of the tea party in primetime at the convention so far?

IBD on media bias

Media's One-Sided Coverage Is Clear Evidence Of Bias

Media does bidding of DNC and Obama Campaign

When It Comes to ‘Brazen Lies,’ Nobody Excels Joan Walsh


The State Department is on the cutting edge....

New frontiers in hypersensitivity: State Department officer says ‘holding down the fort’ is racist

Thursday comics

Click to enlarge.  More beneath the fold:

Media hack gets demonstration of class

Chris Matthews of MSNBC is an annoying hack of monumental proportions, and he confirms that with a question that he asked of Condoleeza Rice yesterday.

But that fine lady rose to the occasion, and delivered a classy response.  Read this Hot Air blog post for context, and then enjoy the short video clip at the end.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Debates debatable

McMorris Rodgers: I’ll debate 10 times if Cantwell will debate 39

Official: Obama is trying to lose the election

Obama Honored Fallen SEALs By Sending Their Parents a Form Letter Signed By Electric Pen

Wednesday Comics

Click to enlarge.  More below the fold!

Media Highlights

Just in case you were wondering....

President Barack Obama's Complete List of Historic Firsts [Updated]

"Voting The Cemetary" goes mainstream?

Dead voters & a dying democracy?

How Will You Answer?

RNC Headlines

Updated to include several headlines.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Idaho 2 Summit

Click to enlarge. 

Go to the Lewis Clark Tea Party Patriots to register.

September meeting!

Our monthly meetings resume in September.  Glen Morgan from the Freedom Foundation will be our guest speaker and will discuss property rights and other issues pertinent to our county.      

The meeting will be on Tuesday, September 11, 2012, starting at 6:30 pm, in the conference room at the Walla Walla Regional Airport.

Mark this on your calendar and plan to attend.

Tuesday comics

Click to enlarge!  More below the fold.....

Holder must be lonely

DOJ Seeks Candidates With ‘Psychiatric’ and ‘Severe Intellectual’ Disabilities

California, Here I Go

The not-so Golden State of America

(Link and title gratefully borrowed from Paco Enterprises)

RNC News

And most disturbing:  RNC versus grass roots activists.

UPDATE:  Here's the SuperPAC SEAL ad.....

A change

Earlier, Obama declined a request from a prominent Catholic cardinal to say a prayer at the Democratic National Convention next month.  Cardinal Dolan made the offer after agreeing to giving a benediction at the Republican National Convention.

That's changed.  Cardinal Dolan is now delivering prayers at both conventions.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday comics

Click to enlarge!  More below the fold:

More transparency and aggressive journalism

Obama White House Appoints Former Monsanto Lobbyist to FDA

In another era, the main stream media would be headlining this.  It's not, and thus Obama continues his campaign to destroy America.

Reports from the RNC in Tampa

Stay classy, Obama

The entire world is watching you.

Until November 6th.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blame It On Bush: The Song!

From The Voters:

Want the tune for home?  Try: iTunes: The Voters, Electile Dysfunction, or if you prefer, here's the link to Amazon.

Thanks to Ace of Spades.

A reminder.....

This blog lacks commenting because this is for posting information relevant to the Tea Party goals.  It was never intended to be a discussion form, unlike our Facebook page. 

However, if you wish to comment or ask questions about posts, or perhaps wish to post something of your own. you can contact the WWTPP by w2teaparty@gmail.com

Obama's America

(Click to enlarge)

UPDATE:  Regal Columbia Mall Stadium 8 Movie Times and Tickets

UPDATE II and bumped to top:  Box office shocker. 2016 Obama’s America at #3?  Money quote:
Let’s be clear about something else that “almost never happens.” It’s a movie which is critical of Democrats ever seeing the light of day outside the production studio. This film only cost $2.5M to make and it looks like it’s going to have taken in nearly four times that amount by the time the convention kicks off. It’s a fairly remarkable story.

List of Lies

Obama lies.  A lot.  Here's a convenient list of his lies while President.

So-called protestors "protest" against Hurricane Issac


A hurricane is approaching, and "Anonymous" and "anarchists" want to shut down the emergency communications system in Tampa, Florida. No 911 dispatch, no police, no fire, no medical.  All because the RNC is being held there.  How responsible.

Remind me again, why we should support the left?

Sunday comics

Click to enlarge; more are below the fold!

Sunday summary

Definitely NOT "Reaching across the aisle":  Obama Denies Catholic Cardinal’s Request to Say Prayer at DNC.

Tell me again how he supports small business: Obama tariff policy sinking a small US business.

In an AP interview with President Obama, President Obama returns to his failed 'Hope and Change' format:  "I'm prepared to make a whole range of compromises, some of which I get criticized from the Democratic Party on, in order to make progress."

 No, it's not right:

Negative $4,019

The Obama years have been brutal on middle-class incomes.

Friday, August 24, 2012

This is rich......

Judd Apatow thinks rich people influencing elections is bad

Now, why do some people want to emulate China......?

China Confronts Mounting Piles of Unsold Goods
China - the country that can make the world's largest armchair (but where the motorways collapse just TEN MONTHS after being built)

Friday Comics

Click to enlarge!  More below the fold....

President '57 States' Does It Again

A few days after this:

President Obama does this:

It's ADMIRAL McRaven, Mr President! Obama botches rank of top Navy SEAL

A token effort by the media? Or the real thing?

Not that the DNC lies is news, of course. 

Anderson Cooper grills Debbie Wasserman-Schultz: Why are you lying about Romney’s position on abortion?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Thursday Comics

Click to enlarge!

Energy Policy Comparisons

 How embracing a pro-energy production policy is a win-win:
Mitt Romney: “I have a vision for an America that is an energy superpower”

How embracing an anti-energy policy is a lose-lose:

Obama camp: Climate change is going to stay in the campaign’s background

Obama must go, if America is not to fail.

Taxmageddon a non-partisan problem

CBO: Deep recession on the way if Congress fails to stop the fiscal cliff.

A selection of reading

POLITICO e-book: Obama campaign roiled by conflict.   No surprise, given how divisive a leader Obama is:
President Barack Obama’s campaign team, celebrated four years ago for its exceptional cohesion and eyes-on-the-prize strategic focus, has been shadowed this time by a succession of political disagreements and personal rivalries that haunted the effort at the outset.

Second-guessing about personnel, strategy and tactics has been a dominant theme of the reelection effort, according to numerous current and former Obama advisers who were interviewed for “Obama’s Last Stand,” an e-book out Monday published in a collaboration between POLITICO and Random House.
Heartless: DNC Expected to Affect Cancer Patients. Well, ObamaTax  ObamaCare doesn't kick in officially until well after the election:
 On Tuesday, September 4th, the DNC will officially kick off. Tens of thousands from around the world will head to the Queen City and there’s no secret, the convention will have a major impact locally, including on people battling cancer.

Matthews resident Sue Falco is fighting stage four colon cancer, and says the DNC will force a major cancer treatment center to close. Carolina’s Hematology Oncology Associates on South Tryon will close for four days during the DNC, because of security and traffic concerns.
Obama: Team Romney coming on strong, playing dirty, time to ‘put them away’.  Narcissistic much?  From the article:
 “It’s very rare that I come to an event where I’m like the fifth- or sixth-most interesting person,” Obama said. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We read it, Nancy......

.......and it stinks:  Read My Lips: 18 New 'Obamacare' Taxes

We haven't posted about the EPA lately....

.....so this is long overdue: Federal appeals court strikes down EPA’s Cross-State Air Pollution Rule

22 August: Coffee With Cathy


Plan to attend the Coffee with Rep McMorris Rodgers tomorrow at 11:30 a.m. Please see additional information below.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 22: Walla Walla Coffee with Cathy

  TIME: 11:30 a.m.
  WHERE: Port of Walla Walla
  Airport Conference Room
  310 A. St.
  Walla Walla, WA

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 22: Dayton Coffee with Cathy

  TIME: 3 p.m.
  WHERE: Weinhard Hotel
  235 East Main Street
  Dayton, WA

Chart of the day

Taxes Vs Debt: Where Does US Funding Come From - Chart Of The Day

Thanks to Donna

Schadenfreude is permissible at times

  Oh my: Romney’s cash advantage over Obama grows to more than $60 million

 ADDED BONUS: Is The U.S. Dollar Raaaaacist?
(Schadenfreude definition)

Add one more industry to his casualty list....

The Obama Administration is Killing the Internet

Tuesday Comics

Click to enlarge!  More below the fold:


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Double standards

As some pundits are known to say, "If it weren't for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all."

And Team Obama is perfectly fine with that, even when a liberal bastion like the Boston Globe calls them on their hypocrisy.

Time for Obama to go.

Just how much out of touch....

.....is Obama?

This much.

Intolerance is Intolerance

Even if you're not much of a church goer, the current Christian bashing should sicken you to the stomach. Intolerance is intolerance, regardless of the reason.  The Constitution provides for freedom of religion, a point that is lost on the left.

If nothing else, this is a reminder that Christians have a sense of humor. And irony: An FAQ on Christianity for the Unbeliever.

Comedic Interlude

Team Obama on Pitiful Crowds: ‘We are intentionally limiting crowd size at rallies’

The Screwed Generation....

....and why it's turning to Paul Ryan.

"Inside the Beltway"....

......is a phrase anyone involved with the Federal government has heard.  It refers to the Interstates circling Washington, DC, and the insulation from the rest of the country that exists for those who work inside it.

But there's a new phrase to describe this:  The Washington, DC Bubble.  More accurate, and much more frightening.

A reminder....

.....as to why Communism, in all its forms (including socialism) is a bad idea:

Sunday Morning Comics

Click to enlarge; more below the fold....

Thursday, August 16, 2012

"You're welcome!"

Says the greedy capitalists to the earth loving environmentalists.  For using free enterprise to bring carbon emissions to a twenty year low through the production of natural gas.

California: yet another example .....

..... of how not to run a government.  ANY government.   California's so uncompetitive that even the basic core of the state's historic entertainment industry is looking for more fertile pastures.

Los Angeles losing the core of its TV production to other states

Obama's foreign policy needs discussion this election!

Especially given his coziness with the Russian Federation and Putin's military build up.

Obama’s Future ‘Flexibility’

"Anger & Division"

"...there will be no changes in Social Security"

Just when you think Joe Biden couldn’t be worse

Taking presidential worship a bit too far.....

Chicago Mall Erects Monument on Site of First Obama Kiss

Yet another good question

Why Doesn’t Obama Boast About These Accomplishments?

The Angry Meal

She must have been staring at Old Glory.

(Click to enlarge)

Why can't they MoveOn?

This is wrong on so many levels (not including factual errors!), that it's a great example of how the Obama campaign operates, through its many surrogates (in this case, MoveOn.org):

Thanks to Jeremy.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

An Inconvenient Truth*

Erskine Bowles: Barack Obama Scuttled the Deficit Commission's Work, Not Paul Ryan

*: Shamelessly stolen from Al Gore.

A new category for the political pollsters?

New ad: Meet the disappointed Obama voters

That's a good question

How Did Harry Reid Get Rich?

Something that the Main Stream Media could look into.  If they want to.

Are pigs flying?

Media: This race is a disgrace

 (Note to self: keep large salt shaker next to TV set)

Here's leadership under Janet Napolitano...

ICE chief of staff on leave after new allegations of lewd conduct surface

About par for the Obama Administration.

The President's Caterer

Details here.  Heh!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Biden, Obama, and scraping the bottom of the barrel

First, the lies and deception:

And then the stupidity: ‘Uncle Choo-Choo’ Biden Unsure Just Where He Is

And, finally, the acceptance of deceit and stupidity: Obama campaign spokesman: We have no objection to Biden’s “chains” comment

As one person put it, the Obama campaign is scraping the bottom of the barrel.  But that doesn't mean they won't stop. 

So be sure to pass this on.  This is what the next four years will be like if Obama wins this election.

UPDATE and BUMPED TO TOP: Romney rips Obama over Biden’s “chains” remark: These smears are disgracing the office of the presidency

Obama probably thinks it's chump change

Great news: Treasury ups estimate of taxpayer loss on auto bailout to $25 billion

"Ending the futility of political trench warfare"

This election has been compared to that of 1980 in its importance. I suspect it is even more important. I think this election is about two very different ways of life or culture, that of liberty and free institutions versus that of corporatism and collectivism. It's the Tea Party versus the Occupiers. The Packs stand, at least at this time, for the former; the Dems stand foursquare for the latter. We have not had an election over such disparate cultures since 1860.
This is a comment in a discussion from a small blog that I read, concerning the elections this year.  I strongly recommend it as a primer as to why voting is so important this year.  None of the people involved are well known talking heads, but American citizens like you and me, people who do not want to see America's downfall, talking basic common sense. 

Read the whole thing, as they say.

Walla Walla Fair Update

From Martha:
Thanks to all who volunteered to work at our Tea Party booth at the upcoming fair. Unfortunately, we did not have enough people volunteer to provide adequate coverage so the Steering Committee decided not to participate in the fair this year. 
We will not have a meeting in August. Please plan to attend our September meeting on Tuesday September 11th. Our guest speaker will be Glen Morgan from the Freedom Foundation.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Ryan's answer to ObamaCare explained

The Romney/Ryan Answer CBS didn't want to show you!

A few thoughts......

Thanks to Martha:

Now it's Official, Rep Paul Ryan is Romney's pick to serve as his running mate in November. It is an interesting choice...one that makes both the Tes Party activists and the Democratic party loyalists happy.

For the Tea Party, the choice firms up Romney's commitment to entitlement reform (including the repeal of Obamacare), tax reform and a smaller government based on enumerated powers. For the social conservatives, Ryan is a solid family man who is both pro-life and pro-second amendment.

For big government Democrat loyalists, they beleive that they can demonize the Ryan budget proposals...scare the elderly and they can use Ryan to paint Romney as radically out of the mainstream.

There's an old saying, "Be careful what you wish for". The Democrats in 1980 wanted to run against Ronald Reagan and the Repub;icans in 2008 wanted to run against Barrak Obama. How'd that work out for them?

If the 2010 election results are any indication of the wisdom of the American voters...(they tossed out 73 liberal big government DC politicians and nearly 700 more at the state and local level across the country)...adding Ryan to the national ticket could turn dreams forthis November into their worst nightmare.

What follows are some thoughts from the past few days. Enjoy...and pass this newsletter on to your social media contacts. Visit www.inspireandignite.com and join the Second Continental Army.

[More below the fold.....]

It's going to be an ugly Presidential campaign....

....thanks to the tactics of President Obama and his Chicago cronies.

Video: Hecklers try to climb onstage at Ryan event in Iowa

DNC Chair blitzed by Wolf Blitzer

That's not hard when dealing with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz......

.......but it's remarkable that Wolf Blitzer does it to her at all.

Truth AND Consequences

Update below the fold....

Click to enlarge

Fast & Furious going to court

The rebuilding begins this November.

By Representative Paul Ryan
President Obama recently made a stunning remark about business owners in America's free enterprise economy. After dismissing the hard work and ingenuity of successful individuals, the president said, "If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen." Who? Ultimately, the government.

Yet this was only the latest version of the president's four-year disparagement of American entrepreneurialism. In 2008, then-candidate Obama said he intended to "spread the wealth around" -- not his own wealth through voluntary transactions, of course, but the earnings belonging to American families through coercive redistribution. In April 2009, he claimed that the founding principles on which America was built are too weak to withstand 21st century pressures. He called our free economy a house built upon sand, destroyed when the financial storm of 2008 hit. America must be reconstructed, he asserted, upon a "new foundation" of "pillars" hewn from the solid rock of big government.

The agenda he promoted demonstrated in a practical way what his rhetoric meant. He pushed unprecedented stimulus spending, a government-driven health care overhaul, further distortions in the U.S. financial sector, an expensive cap-and-trade system to restrict American energy, and more. His transformative proposals were based on a vision of a government-centered society that conflicts with the foundational principles of freedom and equality rooted in our Declaration of Independence. To support his expansive new vision of government without limits, the administration sent Congress four massive annual budgets that called for crushing levels of debt. The Democrat-controlled Senate, cognizant of the political peril of voting for such reckless spending, taxes, and new debt, gave up on budgeting altogether. The U.S. Senate unanimously rejected Obama's budgets, without passing any budget of its own for over three years.

The failed leadership and the dismal results from a president of such great promise have been disappointing. The moment of truth in front of us is of course not entirely his fault. Both political parties have failed the American people over the years, and both political parties have -- time and again -- prioritized political gain at the expense of principle. Thankfully, we have a historic opportunity in the year ahead to chart a new course, build a broad coalition for reforms that apply our timeless principles to today's most pressing challenges. It begins by reclaiming the core of what makes America exceptional: our commitment to freedom.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Nothing more need be said

It's a miracle!

Thanks to Donna!

A great idea!

Romney responds to heckler, then tells Obama to get his campaign out of the gutter


Which party?

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, is the comedic gift that keeps on giving, with her non-stop lies and spinning.

Today, she claimed not to know the political affiliation of Priorities USA SuperPAC, a pro-Obama group co-founded by two former Obama staffers.  The same SuperPAC that has been releasing advertising that unfairly links Romney to the death of a woman. 

Although Wassermann-Schultz later backtracked on her statement,  it's important to be clear:  Priorities USA is a Democrat affiliated group.


It's been a while since I've posted here, thanks to work and personal commitments.  Regular post will resume again today.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Volunteers needed for the County Fair!

August is here and that means the Walla Walla Fair and Frontier Days is rapidly approaching.  Two years ago the Walla Walla Tea Party had an indoor booth at the fair.  This year we have an outdoor booth on hold for us.  Before committing, we need to know how many volunteers we have available to man the booth for 3 to 4 hours at a time.  Here are the hours that will need to be covered:
  • Tuesday August 28:  Set-up
  • Wednesday August 29:  11 a.m. - 11 p.m.
  • Thursday August 30:  11 a.m. - 11 p.m.
  • Friday August 31:  11 a.m. - 12 midnight
  • Saturday September 1:  11 a.m - 12 midnight
  • Sunday September 2:  Break down
 Please let me know what day and times you are able to commit to.  The Steering Committee needs this information by the close of business on Friday, August 10th.   We'll let you know the outcome after receiving your input.  E-mail your response to w2teaparty@gmail.com, or use this handy form


Monthly Meeting:  September 11, 2012, 6:30 p.m., WW Airport Conference Room.  Glen Morgan from the Freedom Foundation will be our guest speaker and will discuss property rights and other issues pertinent to our county.  Mark this on your calendar and plan to attend.